​Hello! My name is Caroline Daniels and I am a film photographer and musician from Los Angeles, although I am now residing in Boston and attending Berklee College of Music.


I have always loved peaking through my dad’s cameras and taking pictures, but my journey with film photography began my senior year of high school. My close friend and co-creator of @2gals2cities on Instagram, Julia, always kept her camera on her. I became enthralled in the idea of film photography. When I mentioned this to my parents, my dad offered me the camera he inherited from his uncle, a Mamiya/Sekor 500DTL which was produced in the 70’s.

I proceeded to take my camera everywhere, shooting without any real instruction or guidelines as I was so excited to just explore. As I started to experience more success with my photography, I decided to purchase a second camera, a Pentax K1000 and a zoom lens, which has since become my workhorse and #1 quarantine buddy. Now after building my portfolio and shooting all across the country, I have absolutely fallen in love with film photography and want to pursue a career in this art form.


I draw my inspiration from the things in life that make me happy: nature, my friends, live music and events, and animals. I’ve honed my craft during my everyday life, snapping pictures of my loved ones and the hiking trails I frequent. Being given the medium of photography was a gift,
as I now view my whole life through an artistic lens. These pictures elicit the fondest of memories for me, and I am so glad I am now able to share some of my favorite shots together in an online gallery format. So scroll around, shop about, and contact me! I love to talk film and am open to any opportunities to shoot for you.


Photo Credit: Julia Quinn

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